Htpassword Generator

Htpassword Generator is a resource site for the Apache web server's htaccess and htpasswd files. Use this utility to create passwords for htpasswd files. A Htpasswd file is used to password protect a location on your website, using this htpasswd generator will help you quickly generate a htpasswd for use in your htaccess file.

Htpasswd generates passwords uses either a version of the MD5 hashing algorithm, or the system's crypt function.

Generate a .htpasswd file

Enter the username to be used for the htpasswd file, and the password to be encrypted.

If you want to learn more about apache htaccess, or how to block ip addresses, this is where you want to be! We've put together a series of tutorials on the ins-and-outs of Apache htaccess, including how to protect a web site using htpasswd.